Injoya FAQs

Q1: Is the snuffle mat washable?
A: Yes, all products are machine washable! Machine wash on a delicate spin(cool water) , then leave it air dry.

Q2: What is the material?
A: Our products are made by 100% polyester. All material are high quality, non-toxic, durable and odorless.

Q3: Where are Injoya’s Products made?

A: We design in USA and proudly handmade by one of our global community partners using non-toxic and safe materials.

Q5: Will my dogs be too big or too small to use snuffle mat?
A. Injoya is the perfect enrichment product for any size, breed or any life-stages dogs. 

Q6: Where will my order ship from?

A: Your order will ship from our Michigan warehouse.

Q8: My item arrived damaged.
A: Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order and we will ship a replacement product for you.

Q9: I am missing part of my order.
A: Something missing from your order? Our customer service will help you sort anything out right away.

Q10: What if I need to cancel my order?
A: You can cancel your order before we ship it.