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The importance of dog training

The importance of dog training

More and more people have dogs, and in addition to daily pampering, deliberate training and instruction is a task that every owner should do. However, many owners do not think about this In fact, since dogs are to be integrated into our daily lives, they are bound to give up some of their nature, and since they are domesticated as human partners and helpers, they are bound to have the ability to accept learning and transformation. So what are the benefits of proper training for home-bred companion dogs?

First of all, a perception that needs to be corrected is that dogs are reluctant to be trained and that this is a forced process. In fact, the training process is not as painful for the dog as some owners think, some training itself is a game that will make the dog feel happy and relaxed, reducing the dog's monotonous boredom and make some abnormal behavior. If the owner personally trained the dog, the dog will feel more fun from the training to play companionship, the process for some owners may have a certain utilitarian, but does not affect the feeling of the dog game.

Training is a process of getting along with the dog and learning and understanding each other, this process can establish a connection between the owner and the dog, so that the dog can more easily understand the owner's intentions, but also to make it feel the owner's emotions correctly, and vice versa, the owner can also be trained to understand the different performance of their dog's emotional outflow. In training, the owner can understand more about the dog's personality and preferences, which will be very beneficial for the future together. In addition, the dog will also show some special talents in the training, if you can find these talents and to be properly trained, the dog will be more confident when playing with other dogs, the owner will also be particularly accomplished.

Trained dogs are more socially appropriate. Dogs by nature love to socialize, but in the human living environment, some of the dog's natural temperament

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