Does your dog eat too fast?
Does your dog eat too fast?

Does your dog eat too fast?

Many owners do not understand why their dogs have to eat in a hurry. As the owner, you should understand the reason for keeping your dogs in good health condition.
Why do dogs eat so fast?
1. Legacy habits
Dogs ancestors in the wild survive, need to hunt their prey, food competition pressure, to rush to eat before the rival snatched their food. This habit continues to this day has not changed.
2. Changes in life
To eat meat in the wild, most of the heart needs to be separated from the bones. This step will take some time, but as a family pet, this step is eliminated. So in a way, it also increases the "gobbling" of the dog.
Does your dog eat too fast?
Eating too fast makes many hidden dangers for a dog
1. Cause vomiting
Dogs eat too fast so that the entire food is not thoroughly chewed into the digestive tract. As a result, the dog is quickly stimulated to vomit the food out of discomfort.
2. Digestive problems
Eating too fast can easily cause indigestion in dogs. In addition, it may lead to soft stools, smelly poop, and even cause gastritis and other digestive tract diseases.
3. Obesity
Dogs who eat too fast easily overeat to appear obese. Obesity is also easy to cause joint, heart, blood pressure, back spine, and other aspects of the disease.
4. Gastric dilatation - gastric torsion
Eating too fast may also trigger gastric dilatation - gastric torsion, which is a fatal acute disease. If not treated in time, the dog may die within 1-3 hours.

Does your dog eat too fast?

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